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AegisSAN Q500 Series
High Availability & Cost-effectiveness for SMB


  10GbE iSCSI iSCSI 16G Fibre Channel + iSCSI 8G Fibre Channel + iSCSI

AegisSAN Q500 new

High Availability & Cost-effectiveness for SMB

Q500-P20 Q500-P10 Q500-F30 Q500-F21
16G/8G Fibre Channel & 10GbE/1GbE iSCSI Qsan AegisSAN Q500
High availability
Green storage designs
Value add-ons
Cost-effective for SMB
AegisSAN Q500 system offers rich enterprise-class storage functions yet remains low power-consuming and cost-effective for budget-constrained enterprises and SMBs.
Designed to lower the total cost of ownership and enable increased availability and reliability, the Qsan Q500 array features Intel's newest low-power SoC, the world's first atom-based SAN solution with the benefits of increased energy efficiency. The five models in this new series include the AegisSAN Q500-P10 (1GbE iSCSI ports x6), Q500-P20 (10GbE iSCSI ports x2 + 1GbE ports x2), Q500-F20 (8Gb FC ports x2 + 1GbE ports x2), Q500-F21 (8Gb FC ports x4 + 1GbE ports x2) and Q500-F30 (16Gb FC ports x2 + 1GbE ports x2). Among the models, the flagship Q500-F30 adopts QLogic's latest 16G Fibre Channel silicon to double the bandwidth to the host, achieve faster transaction rates and maximise the performance potential for storage platforms.
The AegisSAN Q500 system supports comprehensive virtualisation technologies including VMware VAAI, Citrix and Hyper-V. With VAAI certification; the disk array can offload server and network loading, speed up provisioning of new virtual machines and increase VM density. The array also provides its QThin thin provisioning feature so that organisations can avoid allocated but unused storage and be able to purchase only the disk capacity they actually need. In addition, it has plenty of value add-ons such as writable snapshot (QSnap), remote replication (QReplica) and battery backup module (BBM).
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