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Qsan Technology is announcing that all models (P300Q, P500Q, F300Q, S300Q) in Q series have been certified for Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 32- and 64-bit, Windows Server 2003 R2 32- and 64-bit from Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). This is Qsan’s commitment to our customers that it’s a never-ending quest to pursue upmost quality, reliability and performance. We can offer you a full range of storage solutions from 10Gb iSCSI, 1Gb iSCSI, 4Gb Fibre Channel to 6Gb SAS direct attached system. With WHQL certification in place, it ensures that our products will work efficiently and optimally with all kinds of Microsoft server platform solutions. For more details, please visit Windows Server Catalog



VMware Ready designates VMware’s highest level of endorsement. It means that Qsan storage products are optimized for VMware applications and have met specific VMware integration and interoperability standards, which ensures you that our storage devices can interoperate seamlessly with a virtual infrastructure. The VMware Ready logo indicates the unique features and capabilities of VMware-integrated products and a solid commitment of long-term feature support. The process of getting VMware Ready logo requires successful completion of specific integration and interoperability testing. We are glad to tell you that Qsan P500Q, P300Q, and F300Q series of iSCSI IP SAN and FC SAN products are all VMware Ready certified. You may go to VMware website to check on Qsan products.



Citrix Ready is a product verification program that allows Citrix partners to validate their product, solution, or service as compatible with Citrix. In 2010, Qsan decides to offer our customers another choice of virtualization technology interoperability. We put P300Q, P500Q, and F300Q series through rigorous Citrix Ready program and are certified as one of Citrix Ready partners. Please go to Citrix official website to check on Qsan products. With Qsan's strong R&D teamwork, we ensure our products can work perfectly with the most popular virtualization technologies available on the market.



Safety certifications


All Qsan RAID controller disk arrays have acquired the following safety certifications to make sure our products comply with EMI, EMS, LVD, and other regulations.







ISO 9001


ISO 9001 is the world’s most established quality framework. It helps you to effectively manage your business and meet your customers' requirements. The ISO 9000 series of standards are adopted by 951,000 organizations in 175 countries worldwide to date. ISO 9001 sets the standard not only for quality management systems, but management systems in general. It helps all kinds of organizations to succeed through improved customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement. We can benefit from standardizing our production lines, self-improving reserch & development know-how, and a more competitive and effective management task force. Acquiring ISO9001 ceritificate is a valuable assurance for customers to do business with Qsan.



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