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  Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology Explores the Universe Using Qsan AegisSAN LX System  

Taipei, Taiwan, 29 April 2013 - The Italian Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology (Istituto di Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziali, IAPS), is the most important Italian institution conducting research in astrophysics and focuses its great attention on understanding of the structure of the universe. Since founded IAPS has carries out plenty of successful plans including space missions in the field of relativistic astrophysics, advanced technology and instrument development, etc. Everyday IAPS coordinates the activities of about 200 researchers and is one of the leading actors in the international astrophysical research scene.


The theoretical and experimental research in astrophysics for sure generates huge amount of data, and to manage the vast amount of data, IAPS starts to look for solutions that can fulfill the very large storage capacity with high performance and availability for the growing scientific database and for sharing the knowledge base among the hundreds of researchers. After conducting an extensive search, IAPS selects Qsan’s AegisSAN LX F600Q-D316 fibre channel systems with dual controllers.


AegisSAN LX F600Q fibre channel systems, inbuilt with Intel Xeon CPU, is a hybrid model featuring both fibre channel and iSCSI ports and equipped with four 8Gb fibre ports and two GbE ports per controller. The dual active controllers plus fully redundant and hot-pluggable designs make the FC SAN a high availability system. With the FC frame-lossless characteristics and multi-path as well as load balance features, AegisSAN LX F600Q can deliver outstanding performance and satisfactorily handle demanding transactional workloads for the data computing matrix on vectorial matrix.


AegisSAN LX F600Q delivers superb scalability with expansion enclosure J300Q and the maximum capacity can be further expanded to 192 drives. Furthermore, AegisSAN LX F600Q features QThin the thin provisioning to provide more physical resources than actually available capacity so that IAPS can avoid allocated but unused storage and be able to purchase only the disk capacity they actually need to significantly raise storage utilization and help IAPS to save cost.


“Qsan is very proud to be associated with Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology,” said Daniel Lin, sales director at Qsan. “Our cutting-edge RAID systems are absolutely the ideal solution to the large scale storage.”


AegisSAN LX F600Q system is available now from the company’s network of reseller partners. For more details please visit:



Analyzing and sharing great amount of scientific data to exploring the deep space



The expansion capability and reliability among hundreds of users for the growing knowledge database



AegisSAN LX F600Q dual controller fibre channel systems to meet the challenges for large data repository with high performance and availability


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