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  VSN Adopts Qsan AegisSAN LX F600Q Boosting Performance for Multimedia Production & Streaming  

Taipei, Taiwan, 06 May 2013 Video Stream Networks (VSN) is a leading company in digital systems for multimedia production, master control room and archive based in Barcelona. VSN develops high performance and reliable software as well as complex systems for multimedia content management targeting TV stations, government entities, academic organizations and news agencies. For over 20 years, their multimedia solutions have been adopted by 1,000 customers in 100 countries.


Specialized in the broadcasting industry, VSN solutions ensure a complete management of audiovisual content workflows. The VSN platform features remote and distributed work environments, cloud computing, multiplatform content distribution and seamless integration among all areas. To meet the demanding requirements in the critical environments where a single failure might imply broadcast going to black, after a thorough evaluation, VSN decides to adopt AegisSAN LX F600Q-D316 Systems to boost the performance yet the reliability can be highly secured.


“AegisSAN LX F600Q-D316 the 8G fibre channel storage system features dual active controllers as well as fully redundant and hot-pluggable designs eliminating any single point f failure to highly ensure the availability and to provide non-stop service,” said Daniel Lin, sales director at Qsan. “It offers multiple paths and load balancing features such as MPIO, MC/S, Trunking, and LACP to better ensure the reliability and it provides cutting-edge hardware RAID to offer a robust storage environment for the running services.”


Performance is the major concern when VSN design the company’s infrastructure and AegisSAN LX F600Q systems powered by Intel Xeon CPU delivers excellent computing power to support the critical needs. In addition, AegisSAN LX F600Q provides much higher IOPS and throughput than other storage systems within the same segment to satisfy VSN’s demanding requirements. “AegisSAN LX F600Q can maximize the return on investment, simplify storage planning, and integrate more multimedia applications,” Daniel added.


Broadcasting consumes huge volumes of data storage, AegisSAN LX F600Q systems feature great scalability and support up to 192 drives.  It also provides comprehensive and integrated data protection functions for business critical applications.


AegisSAN LX F600Q system is available now from the company’s network of reseller partners. For more details please visit:



A key solution provider for multimedia production and audiovisual content workflows



The performance and also high availability for video post production and streaming since broadcasting industry cannot afford a single point of failure



AegisSAN LX F600Q dual controller fibre channel systems to deliver excellent performance (IOPS & throughput) and 24*7 availability


About Qsan


Founded in 2004, Qsan Technology Inc is the specialist providing a complete product line of network storage including iSCSI SAN, Fibre Channel SAN & Unified Storage for worldwide enterprises and SMB. Qsan products deliver the best price-performance value to help budget-constrained customers greatly enhance the efficiency in the working environment.


Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Qsan storage expertise specializes in flexible production capability. Qsan has a clear go-to-market strategy that revolves around distribution partners in the European tier-1 markets, APAC, the United States and China. Based on the vision of "making data smart," Qsan's technology aims at making business data smart enough to be always available under any unexpected circumstances, efficient enough not to waste any IT investment, and allowing easy retrieval during the whole ILM (information lifecycle management) process. For more information, please visit



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