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  GDS Chooses Qsan TrioNAS LX U600Q Systems to Simplify Storage Management & Secure Stored Data  

Taipei, Taiwan, 13 May 2013 – Geophysical Data Systems Ltd. (GDS) is a multi-disciplinary research and production company located in Moscow to provide a wide range of geological and geophysical services such as 2D/3D seismic surveys, field survey data processing, interpretation of geological or geophysical data, and geological modelling of oil and gas fields. Its customers are mainly from the oil, gas and logging industries and its data consumes huge volumes of data storage. For years GDS has suffered from plenty of internal file system issues to the NAS system they used before and very often DGS spent a lot of time recovering data. Bandwidth was another concern since it was too small for GDS’ increased heavy workload. After a comprehensive investigation, GDS finally selects Qsan’s TrioNAS LX U600Q Systems to keep the business growing.


TrioNAS LX U600Q from Qsan’s NAS family is a unified storage consolidating NAS and iSCSI SAN in one device to greatly reduce the hardware requirements and storage management overhead. It supports CIFS, NFS, AFP, FTP, WebDAV and also iSCSI which is the most difficult part to other Linux NAS systems so with single interface IT administrators can manage all of the data services.


TrioNAS LX U600Q system is equipped with two 10GbE ports and three 1GbE ports to provide sufficient bandwidth for heavy workloads to DGS and it also delivers excellent performance with hardware RAID and SSD caching boosting speed & reliability for GDS’ customers. With hardware RAID, the TrioNAS LX series gets more reliable and faster, while SSD caching allows customers to assign SSD as the system's read/write cache to fully utilize the benefits of SSD for business-critical applications that require quick read/write speed and random I/O.


“We are completely satisfied with TrioNAS LX U600Q and the new system is excellent solution for us!” said Andrey Soloviev, the chief engineer at GDS. “Amazingly, until now we use only eight 4TB SATA drives to replace previous NAS system, seven for RAID 5 volume and one for hot spare.  With TrioNAS LX U600Q we can have very simple and comfortable interface to control everything on the NAS system, and we get perfect bandwidth for our customers no matter it’s running CIFS, NFS, AFP or FTP. Recently our team also plan to expand the TrioNAS LX U600Q systems.”


TrioNAS LX U600Q adopts ZFS file system that employs copy-on-write transactional semantics to validate data stored under its protection to avoid data inconsistencies. The self-healing architecture enables the system to detect silent data corruption and correct error on the fly. It does solve GDS’ headache that data crashed from time to time and their team always wasted a lot of time recovering data.


“In addition to snapshot, volume clone and remote replication, TrioNAS LX U600Q also provide the integration with Amazon S3 cloud storage allowing users to easily backup data into the cloud and, with just one click, disaster recovery can be fulfilled effortlessly, “ said Daniel Lin, sales director at Qsan. “It has BBM (battery backup module) to keep cache data safe in the event of power outage even if the companies do not possess UPS facilities. Furthermore, TrioNAS LX U600Q features deduplication, compression and thin provisioning that help enterprises store more data at less cost and greatly enhance the efficiency to the IT infrastructure.”


U600Q Features Snapshot:


Outstanding Performance

- Qsan’s innovated hardware RAID for high reliability and availability

- SSD caching for quick read/write speed and random I/O to business critical applications


Storage Efficiency

- Patent-pending UnifiedAUTH to simplify accounts management

- Thin provisioning, dedup & compression to release more system resource


Integrated Backup Solution

- Amazon S3 cloud backup (upload/download)

- Remote replication for redundant system


Advanced Protection

- Snapshot & Volume Clone for data protection

- Battery Backup Module (BBM) to keeps cache data safe in the event of power outage

- AntiVirus for security


TrioNAS LX U600Q unified storage is available now from the company’s network of reseller partners. For more details please visit:



A premier provider of geological and geophysical services to the oil, gas and logging companies



The file system integration issue on other Linux NAS is a real torment. Reliability and bandwidth are also crucial when it comes to the increased heavy workload.



TrioNAS LX U600Q unified storage (NAS + iSCSI SAN) to deliver

- Multiple protocol supports

- High bandwidth with the 10GbE iSCSI ports

- High availability & advanced data protection


About Qsan


Founded in 2004, Qsan Technology Inc is the specialist providing a complete product line of network storage including iSCSI SAN, Fibre Channel SAN & Unified Storage for worldwide enterprises and SMB. Qsan products deliver the best price-performance value to help budget-constrained customers greatly enhance the efficiency in the working environment.


Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Qsan storage expertise specializes in flexible production capability. Qsan has a clear go-to-market strategy that revolves around distribution partners in the European tier-1 markets, APAC, the United States and China. Based on the vision of "making data smart," Qsan's technology aims at making business data smart enough to be always available under any unexpected circumstances, efficient enough not to waste any IT investment, and allowing easy retrieval during the whole ILM (information lifecycle management) process. For more information, please visit



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