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TrioNAS U221 2U 12-Bay 10GbE Unified Storage for Backup  

Best Backup Storage for SMB
Rackmount Type NAS Integrating NAS, iSCSI SAN & Cloud Storage IT Pro Value
Inbuilt with Intel Xeon CPU & 32GB memory
DeDup & Compression to Eliminating Duplicate Data & Save Storage Capacity
SSD Caching for Quick Read/Write Speed & Random I/O
ZFS-based File System to Offer High Reliability
80 Plus Platinum Power Supplies & Auto Disk Spin Down Editor's recommendation award by IT Professional
Multiple Protocols: SMB v2.0, NFS v3/v4, AFP v3.3, FTP, WebDAV & iSCSI CHAP Supported
Amazon S3 Cloud Backup & One-click Disaster Recovery
VMware, Citrix & Hyper-V Supported
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Bring Enterprise-level Features to SMB Market
Qsan for years has won many proven records in enterprise market. Now TrioNAS is aimed to bring the enterprise-class experiences and award-winning features into SMB and workgroup segments at competitive price, helping organizations to manage IT infrastructure at minimum efforts. TrioNAS Unified Storage
The Hardware Overview
  Best Choice Award Processor: Intel® Xeon® E3
  Best Choice Award Front-end: 2x 10GbE + 2 x GbE ports
  Best Choice Award Backend: Up to 12 SATA II / SATA III HDD or SSD
  Best Choice Award Memory: 32GB ECC
  Best Choice Award Form factor: 2U rack-mount with 12 hot-swappable SATA drive bays
Design for Backup
  TrioNAS U221 features enterprise-class DeDup eliminating duplicate copies of redundant data so as to save storage capacity significantly, and thereby SMBs can optimize storage space utilization and save costs greatly. Plus Compression feature to encode information using fewer bits than original representation, storage capacity can be saved up to 90%.
Unified: NAS + iSCSI SAN + Cloud
  TrioNAS consolidates NAS and IP-based iSCSI SAN and allows users to link these to Amazon S3 cloud storage for data protection. With TrioNAS, organizations can manage files and run applications in one device to reduce hardware requirements. The integration of Amazon S3 storage allows users to easily backup data into the cloud and, with just one click, disaster recovery can be fulfilled effortlessly.
  The ZFS file system of TrioNAS can avoid data inconsistencies and provide a robust environment. In addition, TrioNAS offers snapshot, volume/file system cloning, remote replication as well as anti-virus features to further guarantee data safety. The RAID levels it supports: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60. TrioNAS Unified Storage
  TrioNAS U221 is equipped with 80 Plus Platinum power supplies to enhance energy efficiency for power savings, peak reduction and improved power quality. In addition, TrioNAS features Thin Provisioning to allocate disk storage space in a flexible manner based on the minimum space required. With all the green designs, TrioNAS U221 helps organizations to save resources and money.
  TrioNAS U221 is designed to addresses the explosion of unstructured data and files, where reads/writes are random, by treating random writes as sequential blocks. To provide better file data sharing, the ZFS-based storage system supports SMB v2.0, NFS v3/v4, AFP v3.3, FTP & SFTP, WebDAV, and iSCSI CHAP. In addition, TrioNAS U221 offers very easy-to-use management tools including QCentral, SNMP trap, performance states, start-up wizard and so on. All these functions allows SMBs and work groups to manage TrioNAS U221 at minimum efforts and greatly enhance the efficiency in the working environment. TrioNAS Unified Storage

TrioNAS U221 adopts Intel Xeon E3 CPU to provide high availability and performance. At the same price, TrioNASU 221 provide more superb enterprise-level features; providing the same feature, TrioNASU 221 offers the best values to customers.

Bring Enterprise-level Features to SMB Market
Integration NAS and iSCSI SAN, TrioNAS U221 unified architecture help customers to solve many data management problems with a single system, making complex and fast growing storage needs much more manageable and affordable.
  TrioNAS U221 features enterprise-class DeDup eliminating duplicate copies of redundant data so as to save storage capacity significantly, and thereby SMBs can optimize storage space utilization and save costs greatly. Qsan DeDup technology provides real-time block-level redundancy removing function that is more efficient than file level one. The storage capacity savings with DeDup differ per data type. In general, DeDup can grant TrioNAS U221 space savings of up to 90% in backup and virtual machine, 70% in database baclup and 40% for email archive.
  Block Level Dedup
ZFS File System
  To provide better data integrity, TrioNAS U221 adopts ZFS file system that employs copy-on-write transactional semantics to validate data stored under its protection to avoid data inconsistencies. The self-healing architecture enables the system to detect silent data corruption and correct error on the fly. In addition, users no longer need to predetermine the size of a file system since it grow automatically within the disk space allocated to the pool to save storage capacity. If the storage pool becomes overcrowded, user can even grow it on a live TrioNAS U221 system.
80 Plus Platinum
  TrioNAS U221 is equipped with 80 Plus Platinum power supplies to enhance energy efficiency for power savings, peak reduction and improved power quality. The systems can automatically detect the fan speed, temperature as well as current/voltage inside the PSU to provide optimized settings and status alerts. Besides, the strain relief bushing can securely anchor and protect cables from push/pull and twist forces.
SSD Caching
  SSD caching allows users to assign SSD as the system's read/write cache to fully utilize the benefits of SSD for business-critical applications that require quick read/write speed and random I/O.
Thin Provisioning
  TrioNAS U221 delivers thin provisioning to provide more physical resources than actually available capacity so that organizations can avoid allocated but unused storage and be able to purchase only the disk capacity they actually need. Therefore, thin provisioning feature can significantly raise storage utilization and help enterprises to save cost.
  Data compression can also help users to better utilize the resources. With data compression, the size of data stored in TrioNAS can be greatly reduced to save storage capacity.
Advanced Data Protection
  To keep data safe, TrioNAS offers numerous advanced data protection features including snapshot, volume clone, file system clone, remote replication as well as 3-year free McAfee antivirus protection.
Multiple Protocol Supports
  TrioNAS U221 supports SMB v2.0 and NFS v3/v4 for Unicode files. It also supports AFP v3.3, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and iSCSI CHAP that is always an integration headache on Linux system.
Easy to Manage
  TrioNAS U221 can be centrally managed by QCentral the java-based cross-platform management interface. In addition, TrioNAS U221 also features online firmware upgrade, event notification via email & SNMP, performance states, system monitoring, MAID & S.M.A.R.T. supports, start-up wizard, wake-on-LAN and web UI.
  The patent-pending UnifiedAUTH technology is that any OS client (Windows, Linux, Mac, FTP, and WebDAV) and iSCSI CHAP can log onto the TrioNAS device through Microsoft Active Directory with a single log-in. With UnifiedAUTH, IT administrators can just manage employees' accounts by Windows AD or LDAP, while end-users can easily use their Windows AD/LDAP ID and password to login via clients of any popular OS.
  TrioNAS U221
Hardware Components
Processor Intel® Xeon® E3
No. of Host Channels 2 x 10Gb + 2 x 1Gb Ethernet ports
Cache Memory 32GB DDR3 ECC
Form Factors 2U rack-mount with 12 hot-swappable drive bays
Disk Supports SATA II / SATA III HDD or SSD
No. of Hard Drives 12
Power Supply 549W Redundant
Fan 3 x system fans & 1 x CPU fans
Dimensions 2U 19” Rackmount
442.0mm x 711.2mm x 88.0mm (W x D x H)
Feature Highlights
Green 80 Plus Platinum energy-efficient power supply
Auto disk spin down
RAID & Pool RAID level 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
Dedicated hot spare disks
Multiple RAID groups support
Auto volume rebuilding
Online pool expansion
Offline pool roaming
Data Service SMB 2.0 for Windows
NFS v3/v4 for Linux and Unix
AFP 3.3 for Mac OS X
iSCSI target
Volume & File System Up to 4,096 snapshots & clones
Thin Provisioning
User quota
Networking DHCP or static IP address
NTP client
Trunking / LACP / Teaming (Balanced-alb)
VLAN tagging
Jumbo frame support (9000bytes)
WINS client
Directory Service UnifiedAUTH (Unified Authentication mechanism)
Microsoft Active Directory
Data Protection Snapshot
Clone for volume and file system
Remote replication
Amazon S3 Cloud backup
Antivirus (McAfee)
Security Encrypted Access: HTTPS, FTP with SSL/TLS (Explicit), SFTP & SSH (Admin)
User/Group Access Control for shared folders
Management QCentral management
Event notification via email, SNMP trap
Performance states, System monitoring & Device health status
S.M.A.R.T. support
Start-up wizard
O.S. support Windows; Redhat Linux 5/6 or later; Solaris; Mac OS X
Virtualization VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V
Safety & EMI RoHS, CE, FCC, BSMI, CB, UL, cUL
Warranty 3-year warranty for system
AC Input 100-240V ~ 7A-4A 500W with PFC (Auto Switching)
DC Output 3.3V-25A; 5V-32A; 12V-40A
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
IT Professional (Poland) Editor's recommendation award by IT Professional
February, 2014
Cheap NAS solution for small and medium businesses typically do not impress performance measures. Among the file servers for SMEs you can find elaborate solutions such as Qsan TrioNAS U221. "IT Professional" recommends Qsan TrioNAS U221. The product received high scores in the test published in issue 02/2014 of the monthly "IT Professional".
IT Pro (United Kingdom) IT Pro Value
December, 2013
Qsan's storage appliance combines fast 10GbE performance with ZFS data protection and it's good value.
Bring Enterprise-level Features to SMB Market
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