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TrioNAS Series
Offer Cost-Effective IT Solutions for SMB & Workgroup




Bring Enterprise-class Features to SMB Market

2U 12-Bay U221

2U 12-Bay U220

2U 12-Bay U210

1U 4-Bay U110

Integration of NAS, iSCSI SAN & Cloud Qsan TrioNAS LX
ZFS-based File System
80 Plus Platinum Power Supplies
Thin Provisioning
Multiple Protocols Support
VMware, Citrix & Hyper-V Supported
Qsan for years has won many proven records in enterprise market. Now TrioNAS is aimed to bring the enterprise-class experiences and award-winning features into SMB and workgroup segments at competitive price, helping organizations to manage IT infrastructure with minimum efforts. UnifiedAUTH
TrioNAS is the unified storage integrating NAS, iSCSI SAN and the Cloud to the 2U and 1U box. With TrioNAS, users can manage files and run applications in one device to reduce hardware requirements. The integration of Amazon S3 storage enables users to easily backup data into the cloud and, with just one click, disaster recovery can be fulfilled effortlessly. TrioNAS supports multiple protocols including SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP, WebDAV as well as iSCSI CHAP. The combination delivers storage solutions with great performance, manageability and efficiency.
To help SMBs and workgroups save cost as well as energy, TrioNAS is equipped with 80 Plus Platinum power supplies to enhance energy efficiency for power savings, peak reduction and improved power quality. The systems can automatically detect the fan speed, temperature as well as current/voltage inside the PSU to provide optimized settings and status alerts. Furthermore, TrioNAS provides Thin Provisioning that help organizations store more data at less cost and hence greatly enhance the efficiency to the IT infrastructure.
TrioNAS adopts ZFS file system that employs copy-on-write transactional semantics to validate data stored under its protection to avoid data inconsistencies. The self-healing architecture enables the system to detect silent data corruption and correct error on the fly. In addition, users no longer need to predetermine the size of a file system since it grow automatically within the disk space allocated to the pool to save storage capacity.
The available products of TrioNAS include the 12-Bay U221 powered by Intel Xeon CPU, U220 and U210 powered by Intel i3 CPU as well as the 1U 4-Bay U110 inbuilt with Intel Atom CPU. With features of enterprise level products, TrioNAS delivers very high availability and price-performance value.
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