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TrioNAS LX Series
Feature Cutting Edge Storage Functions for Enterprise




Cutting Edge Storage Features for Enterprise







Integration of NAS, iSCSI SAN & Cloud Qsan TrioNAS LX
Great performance
Storage efficiency
Integrated backup solution
Multiple protocol support
Advanced data protection
TrioNAS LX is Qsan's enterprise-class unified storage model with inbuilt Intel® Xeon CPU. Beside traditional RAID design, TrioNAS LX systems offer excellent performance with SSD caching. SSD caching allows customers to assign SSD as the system's read/write cache to fully utilize the benefits of SSD for business-critical applications that require quick read/write speed and random I/O. UnifiedAUTH
The integration of current Linux NAS systems and Windows Active Directory is a big headache to IT managers. UnifiedAUTH feature of TrioNAS LX is the answer to it by greatly increasing the IT simplicity. The patent-pending UnifiedAUTH technology is that any OS client (Windows, Linux, Mac, FTP, and WebDAV) and iSCSI CHAP can log onto the TrioNAS LX device through a Microsoft Active Directory with a single log-in. TrioNAS LX is ideal for organizations operating a cloud or remote working environment as it makes complex, multiple user account authentication easier through a single domain log-in.
With UnifiedAUTH, IT administrators can just manage employees' accounts by Windows AD and there's no need for extra settings of sync or authentication to the storage space. On the other hand, end-users can easily use their Windows Active Directory/LDAP ID and password to login via clients of any popular OS. There are no more worries to remember lots of passwords to access different domains and shared folders.
TrioNAS LX software also provides great storage efficiency with DeDup, Thin Provisioning and Compression that help enterprises store more data at less cost and to greatly enhance the efficiency to the IT infrastructure. To better protect data, in addition to ICAP anti-virus, TrioNAS LX has BBM (battery backup module) to keep cache data safe in the event of power outage even if the companies do not possess UPS facilities.
Equipped with multiple state-of-art features, TrioNAS LX can be centrally managed by QCentral the java-based cross-platform management interface
The available products of the rack-mount NAS include the U600Q series (with 2x 10GbE ports + 3x 1GbE ports per controller) and U400Q series (with 7x 1GbE ports per controller). The systems have 4U/24-Bay, 3U/16-Bay and 2U/12-Bay form factors and can be expanded up to 256 hard drives of SATA II, SAS and SSD. U600Q series has additional 10Gbase-T Ethernet controller option.
The addition of the Intel® 10Gbase-T Ethernet controller allows enterprises to benefit from design simplicity while lowering TCO. The 10GBase-T daughterboard featured in the arrays has passed a series of 3 Intel® IEEE conformance and interoperability tests to guarantee the highest quality.
With the file-sharing and virtualization advantage, TrioNAS LX best suits applications like medical and health care, academic organizations, and remote working environments.
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